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Did somebody say flu season?

Everyone seems to be talking about the flu these days and it is probably because so many people seem to be suffering with
or know someone who is suffering from the flu or a cold. If you want to stay healthy through this cold winter season (and I'm sure you do) there are a few simple things you can do to greatly decrease your odds of getting sick.

You have probably all been told since childhood to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids and these are still true today. I would add one exception to that and say to be sure your fluids do not contain sugar, and avoid sugar all together! Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, all the little critters that like to make you sick) LOVE sugar!! It's their favorite food. In fact, when trying to grow bacteria in the laboratory we use a sugar base in the petri dish to grow in on. If you want to stay healthy, don't be a petri dish. Even a small amount of sugar when you are starting to get sick or fighting off a bug can give the bugs the upper hand they need to take hold and make you really sick.

Vitamin C and Antioxidants are very helpful to keep your immune system stronger. The very act of fighting off pathogens creates free radicals that can damage or weaken the next line of immune defense. By adding antioxidants like Vitamin C, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, selenium, zinc, etc... your body can more easily defuse the free radicals and keep each layer of immunity stronger as you go through the winter flu season.

There are many other herbs and supplement that can be very beneficial to keeping you healthy. For more information and idea handouts, come by Nature's Medicinary and ask our friendly staff!

Welcome to PIHCN & Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies

welcomeIntegrative Cancer Medicine is about bringing together in a common sense and effective manner, the best of modern allopathic oncology with the most innovative and effective well-researched therapies in natural or naturopathic medicine. Our unique combination of Dr Robert Zieve, a nationally known specialist in integrative cancer medicine, and Dr. Susan Godman, N.M.D., offer this synthesis of approaches to all who come to our clinic. A specific and unique treatment plan is designed to assist your body back into balance. Once the body is in balance, your symptoms will subside and usually treatment is then decreased in frequency but never discontinued, as a cancer that is not visible on a scan or lab test can return if not carefully watched.

Modern science  meets ancient wisdom in this cutting edge medical facility. Our approach involves not only treating the disease, but striving for optimal health, through a combination of ancient wisdom as well as modern science.

So, whether you're suffering from a health problem or needing a preventive check-up, call now to partner with our professionals and take care of the body that takes care of you. Read More...

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Tip of the Week

Home-made Air Sanitizer

Replace your artificial home air fresheners with a home-made air sanitizer by combining a few drops of  thieves essential oil with water.  This can be sprayed in the air or directly on surfaces to reduce the concentration of pathogenic microbes.